Antibiotic resistance: Big concern in present scenario

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Antibiotic Resistance is a big issue nowadays with indiscriminate use; more so because in India it is easy to get it over the counter from most of the medical shops.

Most of the infections occurring in children during seasonal change are viral infections. Most common symptoms are cold, cough, loose motions along with fever and any amount of antibiotics will not lead to early recovery if it is an viral infection.

Antibiotics, (anti-biotic) means ” against Bacteria” and for viral infections we need “anti-viral medications”. And unfortunately there are no antiviral medication routinely available.

In Viral Infections ,there is no need of antibiotics, as they are not effective  and causes resistance in long term. And when we will be really needing it , then they might not work as resistance has developed.

Another reason of antibiotic resistance is not completing full course of antibiotic i.e. leaving medicines in between once patient starts feeling better.



Need of hour is to create awareness regarding ” Judicious Use of Antibiotics”

  • in community
  • among medical fraternity
  • Avoid self medications/ taking medicines from chemist directly without proper prescription.


Dr Rahul Varma

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