Burn injury in children

burn 33

  • Hot water burns like fire
  • A scald is the most common form of burn seen in children, caused by hot water or liquid. The hotter the liquid and the longer the time the skin is exposed to it, the more severe the injury.
  1. Keep all hot liquids out of reach of young children.
  2. Keep young children out of the kitchen when cooking.
  3. Check bath temperature before placing your child in it.
  4. Never leave your child unattended by an adult in the bathroom.
  • First aid for all burn injuries
  1. Remove any clothing.
  2. Apply 20 minutes of cool running water.
  3. Cover with a clean cloth or clean plastic cling wrap.
  4. Seek medical advice if the skin is broken or the burn area is larger than a 20 cent piece.


Dr Rahul varma

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