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Latest Immunization Schedule (IAP 2012)

Vaccination-cartoon VaccineLatest Immunization schedule (IAP 2012)

  • As parents we all have queries regarding immunization of our children.
  • Above mentioned hyperlink will tell you regarding latest immunization schedule in India as per Indian Academy of Pediatrics. It also have few salient features regarding important vaccines.
  • If any queries regarding immunization schedule , you can write to us, or consult your family Pediatrician.
  • There might be slight change in schedule as per requirement of your child.

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Dr. Rahul Varma


Vaccine Vaccination-cartoon

Answer to All your queries regarding vaccination could be found on this link.. thats the most authentic website regading vaccination worldwide..

However some changesin vaccination schedule could be there as per your pediatrician ..

For any queries,  u can post on blog or simply call at 9818034550 or meet at maya clinic. Regards

Dr. RahulVarma

Stay healthy and protect your child from vaccine preventable diseases.

Swine flu

Swine flu

this is the latest regarding swine flu, which u can read by clicking on the link provided (from the most reliable source as well).

I strongly suggest that u go for flu vaccine as early as possible, as it takes 2 weeks for antibodies to develop. and the strain which is going around is the same as last year so present flu vaccine is effective against it.


Dr. Rahul

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