Do you read to Your Child? Reading is a must for healthy mind

Reading is one of the best habits. And when you read to your child not only it increases a bond between two of you but also have lots of other benefits. It can be started at any age , younger the better.


Your children will thank you later for this habit. Books are the biggest source of knowledge, developing skills, knowing about personalities from world over and what not. The list of benefits is endless, I will highlighting a few of them.


Following are the benefits of Reading to your kid.

  1. It Stimulates your child’s senses in positive way
  2. Reading improves Imagination of your child. Various story books, fairy tales, and other cartoon character will become part of their lives.
  3. Thinking capacity of your child increases. Improves memory of your child. Cognitive development is better.
  4. You spend quality time with your kids. Your children will love you for it.
  5. Faster brain development due to proper stimulation of vision, hearing and imagination. Child recalls colors and shape, better than child who is not reading.
  6. Faster learning in children. As your child will be reading different books, it will help in developing good habits, social skills, moral values and they will know about the world.
  7. Child will have a head start in schooling over other kids
  8. Increase knowledge base of your child. Child will have better analytic skills.
  9. It increases vocabulary as well as writing skills of children as they understand letters better.
  10. Reading will help making a strong bond between two of you.                                                           reading 2
  11. You are Inculcating good habit which reaps big dividend in future
  12. Reading just before bedtime will help in inducing good sleeping habit.
  13. Keeps child away from bad effects of watching TV for long hours. It will decrease screen time and will aid in over all better health.
  14. If you read out loud and act play with them it can even be better.     reading-aloud
  15. It will be a memorable experience and you too will enjoy. You will love the smile on your child’s face; which in turn brings happiness to you. It takes away all the stress of life from you for that moment.

kids reading 2


If I have to summarize in one line I would Say ” Reading to Mind ,what Food is to Body”. Make it a habit and reap benefits all your life.

nothing like reading


Dr Rahul Varma

“ Healthy kids, Happy Family”

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