First aid in burn Injury



In simple words Burn means an injury to the skin from something hot. Most common type of burn injury is SCALD (which is caused due to hot liquids). Burn injury can range from mild to life threatening injury; some can be treated at home, while others may need emergency medical care.

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What to do when burn happens?

  • Take child to safer place: Make sure the Area is Safe and there is no possibility of further injury
  • Remove cloths: if burn injury is over cloths remove them immediately (except if it is badly stuck to the burn).

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First Aid to be given:

  • Running water for 20 minutes: Put the injured area under running water for 20 minutes. Water should be cool not cold. Even if you attend to injury after sometime, still it will be better to use running water (most useful in 1st 3 hours of injury).
  • Cool the burn area (but not the child). Cooling the burn wound will help in better recovery, but if wound is very large , do not cool for long as it may cause hypothermia in young children.
  • It is best to cover burn with lightly applied gauze bandage or with loose, light clean wet cloth. We should also raise the burned area.
  • Do not apply any powder or oil or ointment over burn area; things like butter or atta can make burn injury worse.
  • If you have Ibuprofen; give one dose to your child (if child is awake and alert).
  • Do not break blisters that might have formed.

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When to consult doctor immediately:

  • IF burn involves face, genital area or child is suspected to have airway involved, it is best to consult doctor as soon as possible.
  • IF large area of body is involved in burn injury.
  • If burn is very deep and muscles or bone or tendon can be seen.
  • Whenever in doubt and especially is child is very small
  • Burn injury occurs due to electric shock or chemical injury.
  • Burn looks infected (There is swelling, pus, redness of the skin near the wound).

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Think Prevention!

  • Keep a vigil around , if there is hot water or tea or hot milk around
  • Keep children away from heaters, iron/steam press, burning candles etcBefore giving your child bath check the temperature of water in the tub or bucket.
  • Keep fire extinguisher in high risk areas
  • Do not allow children to play around when something is cooking in kitchen.
  • In winters be careful with kids near bonfire.

Feel free to contact MAYA CLINIC or your child specialist for any other query related to this topic or any other health issue regarding kids.



Dr Rahul Varma

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