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How to reduce pain during Vaccination

Question: My baby cries a lot during vaccination. What can I do to decrease the pain and make the procedure less traumatic for my baby?



It can be very painful experience not only for baby but for parents as well. But the benefits which child has due to this vaccination are worth it. Most of the pain is due to DPT vaccine only, 3 initial doses for which are given before 5 months of age usually.

There are few things which you can try in order to make it a less painful procedure.


These things might decrease the pain immediately after the vaccination shots (in small babies) are:

  • Swinging your baby gently in your arms
  • Swaddling immediately after vaccination has been given.
  • Making some sounds in her ear. (slow whistling sound or any pleasant sound in her ear will make baby comfortable sooner)
  • Breastfeed your baby
  • Keep baby in your arms and walk around near clinic in open air will make baby comfortable soon.

Basically you have to distract the child. And baby will soon forget the pain.

In case of adults or older children, pain is more because of anticipation and we make our mind think too much about the injection. Before reaching the vaccination clinic and even after leaving we sometimes perceive pain; more because of our thought process.

Luckily in younger children, they do not know where they are going and what is going to happen. So they have pain only for few moments when vaccination needle is inside the body and as soon as you distract them to other things they are comfortable. And you are able to calm them.

For older kids, try letting them sit on your lap during vaccination and give them something to distract them like a toys, play a song or use some picture book etc.

Most Important is you as a parent should be relaxed. Because if you are tense, your child can pick up your anxiety and they themselves become anxious.

After vaccination either Paracetamol or Ibuprofen may be given in children (but only after consulting your pediatrician regarding appropriate doses).

Also, don’t forget to praise your child afterward. Positive reinforcement will make next trip to doctor’s clinic easier.

Do something interesting after vaccination; so that child has pleasant memories associated with vaccination like a trip to playground, or doing some fun activities.

Do not scare your child into doing things in name of injection. It can induce lot of fear in their mind regarding vaccination.

Feel free to discuss with your child doctor in detail regarding precautions if any need to be taken.



Dr Rahul Varma

Vaccination reminder service for your baby via sms


Click on the above link for vaccine remider service


The world’s largest vaccination reminder service

IAP-Immunizeindia is the world’s largest vaccination reminder service, and is available free of cost to parents anywhere in India. It is a national non-profit initiative, promoted by Indian academy of Pediatrics.

IAP-Immunizeindia aims to prevent half a million child deaths and disabilities by 2018.

IAP-Immunizeindia is supported by Vodafone, which is the national telecom partner. IAP-Immunizeindia’s national press campaign, promotional posters in hospitals and clinics and promotional pamphlets are funded by an education grant from another leading Fortune 50 multinational corporation.

How to register for the service

Parents opt-in to the service by sending a text message by SMS to the national shortcode 566778 from any mobile phone in India, in the following format*** :

Immunize <Space> <Baby’s pet name> < Space> <Baby’s date of birth>

Example : Immunize Rekha 04-11-2013

The phone will immediately receive a confirmation message.

Text message reminders** will  be sent to the phone for 12 years, following the IAPCOI Immunization schedule.

3 reminders are sent, at 2 day intervals, for each vaccination that is due. An example of a reminder is – “Rekha is due for a vaccination this week, please do not forget to visit your doctor”**

Reason for the service

Over 2 Million children under the age of 5 die every year in India* and another 1 Million or more are disabled for life. ??

A major cause is that parents often forget to vaccinate the child on time, as most parents in India do not maintain a vaccination calendar for their child in a disciplined manner. Other reasons are-

            – parents’ misplaced priorities
– low awareness
– busy lifestyles
– forgetfulness
– social and cultural causes

Vaccination reminder services in several countries have been effective in increasing compliance by 20%. There are over 40 published scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of vaccination reminders.

India has 700 million mobile phones which support Text Message Service or SMS (every family has a phone). A well promoted, national, Text Message reminder service will be the the most cost effective method of  reminding parents that a vaccination is due.

Contact – For clarifications and support please send an email to info@immunizeindia.org

*     Source- Global Immunization Vision and Strategy (GIVS). 2006-2015, World Health Organization
**    Reminders do not advertise, recommend or promote any vaccine brands or products.
***   Service not available for phones outside India


Feel free to contact your pediatrician or contact us at our website www.mayaclinic.in



Dr Rahul varma