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Holi safety tips

Few tips for safer holi with your loved ones



  • Common issues happens with Skin, eye
  • Organic and natural colors, skin friendly colors ( avoid strong chemicals, not good for your skin )
  • Can use oil orĀ  creams for skin and hair before starting holi to avoid long term damage and easy removal of colors later on.
  • Protect your eyes: wash eyes frequently, can even use sunglasses to protect but if significant burning or redness better to consult eye doctor.
  • Try to save face and specially eyes from unwanted attack by water balloons or unwanted people coming from behind to color you.
  • Preferably stay indoor to avoid unwanted Hooligans.
  • Car safety: keep windows closed. avoid crowded places ( avoid Mob like situation). Keep your cool , no point in getting into fight with anyone.
  • Stay in groups, do not roam alone , better to be safe.
  • If you have skin allergy, better to consult your skin specialist rather than self medication
  • Wet floors can lead to injury, so avoid running around water.
  • Avoid alcohol or bhang.. even over indulgence in food can be bad, which you might regret later.
  • Drinking and driving is absoluteĀ  NO NO.
  • Think about your loved one before doing anything silly.

This is a festival to spread happiess, do not be the reason for someone’s saddness. do not push people to play holi , if they do not want.


Dr Rahul Varma