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What does father go through once baby is born?



Being a father is never easy.

No doubt Mothers go through a lot in upbringing of child (and that is incomparable), but father is always caught in a dilemma how to react to this new situation at home.


They have mixed feelings, they want to help and take care of child but they are also scared regarding how to go about it. Dealing with small baby is never easy. Fathers are anxious (as they might hurt the child).

What need to be done is spend time with newborn and mother. Observe closely and help mother in daily routine of baby care. Which include changing diaper, burping the child, keeping the child in your lap, bathing , clothing etc.

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As you will spend time and start helping, you will grow in confidence and will start enjoying child care.

Trust me, the joy and happiness which a child brings with him is awesome. The smiling face of your child can make you forget all the tension of life.

So relax and enjoy the next phase of your life.


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Dr Rahul Varma

“Healthy kids, Happy Family”

what is Complementary feeding (Weaning Diet ) ?

Complementary feeding: (weaning food)

It is defined as any non breast milk food or nutritious foods given to young children in addition to breast milk.( i.e. it is to complement breast milk, not to replace it.)

Age of Introduction: after 6 months

Attributes of Complementary feeds:

  • Soft and flowing
  • Thicker than Breast milk
  • Bland in taste
  • Homogeneous ( based on cereal or root staple foods)
  • 1 to 2 times a day to start with
  • Gradually increase frequency and quantity

Foods appropriate for complementary feeds:

  • Pulses (lentil, beans, peas), meat milk, vegetable oil and sugar
  • To increase dietary energy levels : oil, ghee, sugar
  • To increase quality of protein: milk product and animal food
  • Calcium: Milk
  • Iron: Meat, chicken, fish
  • Rich in Vitamin & Minerals: Vegetable and fruits



Anything which is free flowing and well mashed and easy to swallow and calorie dense can be given. And you should always consult your Pediatrician at the start of weaning diet/ complementary feeding, so that he or she can guide you in best possible , culturally acceptable option.

Stay Healthy and eat healthy, For any queries do feel free to contact us.


Dr. Rahul Varma