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What newer Vaccines are there for my child ?

Good day parents

As a parent u all must be aware of vaccines which u all must be giving to your child. There are various newer vaccines which keep coming in market after research and development. there are some painless vaccines too. It is your right to get information  regarding various new vaccines available for your child for better growth and prevention of infections.

traditionally following vaccines were given by govt of India in Delhi NCR:  BCG, polio drops , DwPT/DTwP (which causes pain and fever , usually lasting for 24 to 48 hours ),Hepatits B,  measles, MMR, typhoid.

Latest Immunization schedule as per Indian academy of pediatrics have added few more vaccines which are gentle DTaP along with Hib and IPV( Injectable polio vaccine) , Rotavirus, Pneumococcal, Hepatitis A, chicken pox . and in high risk children Flu, Meningococcal.


One important thing which I wanted to emphasis that whether U give traditional DTP or gentle DTaP both has equal efficacy in Indian circumstance, only difference being in the side effects. So the huge amount of difference in cost is to prevent side effect only( these sypmtoms of fever and pain can be managed easily by giving crocin/ paracetamol). So its for u to decide which one to go for as medically both are equally potent. It all depends on your abilities to handle a baby who is cranky .


injectable polio vaccine is the best option for complete protection of your baby in present circumstances. In countries where polio has been eradicated IPV is the only option available.


This vaccine helps in preventing against diarrhea / loose motion. But giving this vaccine does not mean that your baby will not have diarrhea ever in life. This vaccine only prevent against Rota Virus, which is a virus which causes serious diarrhea usually needing admission in hospital and IV fluids. .And this being a viral illness is difficult to prevent.

Hepatitis A:

Jaundice is very commonly seen in India through out calender year with peak in rainy season. This vaccine prevents against jaundice, as no matter how cautious you are, once in a while we all dine out and drink water from unreliable sources which can cause jaundice. So this vaccine is strongly recommended.

Chicken Pox:

regarding this disease you all know that it can cause rashes on face with permanent scaring. when this disease occurs in adult age group , it is much more severe, so this vaccine is also recommended by IAP.

Pneumococcal vaccine:

This organism causes , serious infections, which include ASOM (ear infection), Pneumonia, Meningitis (brain infection). And once child gets infection due to this pneumococcal , it invariably needs IV antibiotic ( ranging from 7 to 14 days). Some people promote this vaccine as vaccine against Pneumonia, but again it does not means that if U give this vaccine your child will never have Pneumonia (as there are many organism which can cause Pneumonia). The main problem with this vaccine is huge cost, if cost is not an issue then this vaccine must be given , atleast before your child starts going to play school.


Haemophilus influenzae type B:

This vaccine is being given along with DTP universally these days, now even govt of India has introduced this vaccine in pilot project in Delhi, so it is being given along with DTP and Hepatits B. A must vaccine for your child.


Its a seasonal vaccine which needs to be given every year in high risk group. Flu keeps changing its structure every few year. eg you must have heard of Bird flu many years back, later swine flu few years back (latest vaccine covers against swine flu ) but few  year down the line some new virus will come.

Meningococcal :

Latest vaccine against this disease is Menactra, which is highly efficacious vaccine but the most expensive vaccine in children till date with MRP of 4500Rs. But this disease has very high mortality (can cause death within 24 hours), 2nd only to Rabies. Although incidence of this disease is low, but considering its high mortality , it can be given if cost is not an issue. Delhi had lots of cases in out break few years back.

you can send in your queries regarding any vaccine to me  and I will try to give you unbaised opinion about it.

Stay Healthy and prevent Diseases

Dr. Rahul