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Seat belt safety for kids and adults

A few important lessons to be learnt from the the car accident involving  car of actress Hema Malini  and another car in which a child died:

1) Hema Malini was in a Mercedes-Benz, without doubt one of the 3 safest brands in the world. So was Lady Diana. Both suffered massive injury, with Diana succumbing to injuries.

2) If they’re such safe cars with Lakhs of rupees worth latest safety equipment why the injury? That is because both were not wearing seat belts.

3) Airbags are meant to save you beyond the safety offered by seat belts. If you are not wearing a belt, the airbag can kill you rather than the accident. So as a safety feature airbag WILL NOT deploy if belt is not worn.

4) Seat belts are to save you and not to save the traffic police. They’re to be worn at all times, on all seats and all speeds. A head injury at 20 kmph will kill you as efficiently as an injury at 150 kmph.

5) The toddler killed in the accident would surely have survived provided a) she was in the rear seat b) strapped in with a child seat. Remember : Children below 16 always in the rear seat and always strapped into a child seat (under specific body weight) or booster seat (over specific weight).

Above lines are copied from facebook post of Mr Pratik Thakkar; but they are worth sharing to create awareness.



Seat Belts are for our own safety and safety of loved ones. If you as a parent can buy cars worth in lakhs, then surely you guys can buy car seat worth few thousand. Every year so many lives are lost due to not wearing seat belts effectively.


It is a criminal offence in developed countries not to have the children in child seats. The kid will resist for first week, but once used to it won’t be comfortable without a child seat.

As a parent, we should be responsible for safety of our kids, once anything bad happens, you will feel guilty for rest of your life. No matter how much you fight with others after the accident (no matter how much you hold responsible the other guy for accident), damage will be done once and for all.

So it is better to be safe than sorry.



Dr Rahul Varma

” Safe kids, Happy Family”