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Common newborn skin condition

Following are the common newborn skin conditions which might look like very serious but usually do not warrant any immediate treatment.


Mongolian Spots

ms 1 ms

Birth marks bluish in color, sometimes look like a bruise mostly on buttocks and back. They are harmless and disappear gradually with age, sometimes by school. No medical intervention required. These are very common in dark skinned babies.


Pustular Melanosis

  pm 2 pm

They are small blisters which may be present right after birth. They will gradually disappear with time in few days. They peel open and dry in few days. However opinion of doctor should be taken to rule out other serious illness which can cause similar illness.




milia 2 milia

Milia are tiny white spots mostly over nose and face. These are caused due to secretions from glands on skin. Disappear by 2 to 3 weeks of age. These are very common in newborn babies.



mr 2 mr

They are often referred as Prickly heat or Heat rash. Mostly occurs due to hot and humid environment. Mostly occurs in skin folds or covered area where sweating is maximum. They will go away with time. Mainstay of treatment is to keep skin dry and proper air circulation.

Erythema Toxicum

et 2 et 3 et

They are very common type of rashes which are present soon after birth. They are multiple red color rash, can be present all over the body; mainly at tummy and back. No treatment is needed and they will go away with time in a week or so.



Capillary Hemangiomas

ch 2 ch

They are raised red spots which look like strawberry. They occur due to underlying blood vessels.  They might enlarge during first year of life but will eventually fade out by school age. No active intervention is needed at birth.


Port Wine Stain


They are Large, flat, and irregularly shaped dark red or purple areas. They occur on face and neck. They are due to blood vessels under the skin. But they do not disappear and will need treatment.


caput 2 caput

Caput is irregular swelling on scalp leading to irregular shape of head. Mostly occurs during vaginal delivery which subsides with time over next few days. It needs to be differentiated from more serious condition called cephalhematoma.

Epstein Pearls

ep 2 ep

These are tiny whitish yellow colored lesions seen on palate. They may look like pus but are benign. They occur in newborn and disappear by 2 to 3 weeks of life. No active intervention is needed.



Dr Rahul Varma