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How should I manage Diaper Rash in my baby?

 Diaper rash



I think virtually every parent must have faced this problem once in their babies at some point of time. Diaper rash basically develops due to direct contact of skin with moist surface or soiled diaper. It develops mostly in genital area, perianal area, thigh folds and buttocks.

Diaper rash (mayaclinic.in)

Causes of Diaper Rash:

  1. If potty soiled diaper is left for too long.
  2. If wet diaper is kept for too long a period.
  3. Allergic reaction to diaper material, soaps or baby wipes
  4. Too much moisture
  5. Too much rubbing of skin while cleaning or too much friction from diaper if put very tightly on baby.
  6. Bacterial infection, yeast infections


Once the rash has started developing and skin is damaged, there are more chances of developing infections like bacterial, fungal or yeast.

Babies who are breast fed have less chance of diaper rashes.

More common when baby is having diarrhea, baby on antibiotics, recent change in dietary habits like starting with solid foods. If babies are not kept clean or dry for long periods.


Steps to manage/ prevent Diaper rash:

  • Keep area as clean and as dry as possible.
  • Pat dry; the area rather than rubbing. Allow it dry fully before putting on diaper.
  • Use oil based barrier like Vaseline petroleum jelly, coconut oil etc.
  • Keep diaper area dry for as long as possible. Best is to avoid use of diaper during day keep it open to dry air.
  • If temperature of room is ambient, try to keep baby in open without nappies, so that rashes can air dry.
  • Change diaper more frequently
  • Avoid wiping with alcohol based wipes, use soft cotton washcloth.
  • Apply thick layer of any Zinc based ointment like Siloderm etc. Or any napirash cream available. Important is to put a thick layer and it is not necessary to completely remove the whole cream on next diaper change.
  • Most important thing to remember is that heavy rubbing or scrubbing is only going to damage it more.
  • Wrap the diaper as loose as possible (too tight diaper can prevent proper air circulation is there and wet or soiled parts do not rub against the skin too much).
  • Avoid use of Steroid based creams as far as possible (unless until recommended by your child doctor, as they can harm your baby).


When Consult your child doctor (Pediatrician) if

  • Pus filled blister or sores appear near rashes
  • Rashes are not improving
  • They are getting worse even after taking all the precautions.
  • Baby has fever along with rashes
  • Rashes all over the body


Various home remedies available for Diaper rash treatment are listed in the below mentioned link.




Dr Rahul Varma

Infantile Hemangiomas: FAQ

 Infantile Hemangiomas




What is it?

Infantile hemangioma or Strawberry Mark is common type of birth mark. It is usually not visible at birth. They increase in size for few months, remain stable for next few months and subside by few years.

They are not cancer like growth. They are full of small blood vessels and are bright red in color.

When it appears?

During 1st few weeks of life in most cases but may take up to 6 months to be visible.

Why my child? Did I do anything wrong?

No. You could not have done anything to prevent it. Cause of this disorder is not known yet. They are seen more commonly in preterm babies and girls and with multiple pregnancy eg twins, or triplets.



Most commonly over face, scalp and neck but sometimes over buttocks as well.



  • Superficial hemangiomas
  • Deep hemangiomas
  • Mixed hemangiomas


They occur in different shapes and sizes. Most children have single lesion (around 80%) but they can be multiple.

full101_161743superficial hemangioma rendering 

Are they painful?  No they are not painful

Will they grow in size? Yes, they have 3 phases

  • Growing phase: rapidly grows for first few months
  • Resting phase: by 8 to 14 months of age
  • Involution phase: starts shrinking after 1 year of age upto 5 years

Will they reoccur in next pregnancy? No increase in risk.

Will it come back? No. once it fades away, it does not grow again.


  • Interference with organ function: like vision, mouth or diaper area.
  • Ulceration
  • Bleeding 
  • TPS-growth-1 

Will the hemangioma leave a scar?

It might leave a scar depending upon size, location and whether it has got infected or ulcerated. Diagnosis is clinical in most cases. Sometimes Doppler might be done to check the blood flow.


No treatment in most cases. But some may need treatment. Options are

hemangioma 1


  • Observation: Most hemangiomas will disappear with time and without active intervention.
  • Oral systemic corticosteroids
  • Surgical removal: Only in some cases and mostly due to cosmetic reasons or in certain cases if it is interfering with organ function like vision.
  • Laser therapy:  your doctor will tell you the best option regarding your baby.
  • lazer treatment  tt
  • Medications like Vincristine, Propranolol, Regranex (becaplermin) gel etc. However currently, the FDA has not approved the use of any medication for the treatment of infantile hemangiomas.

For Detail reading regarding this disorder, you can read on the below link.



Or feel free to contact MAYA CLINIC / your child specialist


Dr Rahul Varma