Why during pregnancy or childbirth, we still lose so many mothers worldwide?



Pregnancy and Child birth is supposed to be a happy experience. With addition of new member in life comes lots of joy and happiness. But Unfortunately it turns out to be life threatening and cause of worry for some mothers and their family. But why is it even after so much advances we still continue to lose so many mothers ?


Facts: last year around 3 lakh women died from complications related to pregnancy. On top of it many more mothers suffers various types of infection, illnesses and injuries. (10 million every year)


5 main cause of Death are

  1. Bleeding (hemorrhage)
  2. Infection
  3. Unsafe abortions
  4. High blood pressure leading to Seizures ( Eclampsia)
  5. Obstructed labour

But the biggest factor among all is that we are not able to provide adequate healthcare which is needed. It is either due to Unavailability, inaccessibility, poor affordability or poor quality of health services.


WHO in it’s MDG (Millennium developmental Goals) is focusing on this aspects and plans to provide effective tools so that maternal mortality can be significantly reduced by 2015.

Death of mothers is bad for social development as it leaves many children motherless. It has bad effect on health of children as motherless children are more likely to die young.

Most of the causes of death are preventable if only we can provide safe, accessible and affordable healthcare system in every country.

With proper information, advice regarding reproductive health and supportive care; Pregnancy and childbirth can be happy experience for mothers.

It will not only help decrease maternal and child mortality but will also help improve the society as a whole.

World will be a better place to live.


Dr Rahul Varma

“Healthy Mother, Healthy World”

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